Time Slip

What is time? 

There never seems to be enough of it, yet there is an infinitesimal amount. It's been and gone, is here now, and will still be here in the future.

We're bound by it and change with it. It cannot be lost, just temporarily misplaced.

Time-slip is when another time briefly intrudes on the present or the present enters the past - like a portal to another time and place. When a moment in time is replayed for those aware enough to pick up that which lingers.

For brief moments different situations collide - time gets confused allowing us to step out of the present and into the past.

another time another place

another time another place

Have we imprisoned ourselves in three dimensions?

Is reality (the world we live in) just what our minds tell us is real, or could there be multiple alternative realities existing simultaneously? Quantum Physicists believe there could, and that parallel universes could exist less than one millimetre away from us. In fact they suggest that our gravity is just a weak signal leaking out of another universe into ours!

We normally think of ourselves as living in a three-dimensional world where we can move in three ways: left or right, up or down, forwards and backwards, but now we are told there may be eleven dimensions - hidden worlds beyond our human senses - a multiverse full of unexplained happenings and strange visions - just like this film then! 

Imagination is limitless - it doesn't have to make sense. 

By not having a specific narrative the film allows the viewer to interpret in their own way, according to his or her own experiences. There is a school of thought that the viewer's interpretation of any form of art is actually more important than that of the creator. I'm not sure I agree entirely with that, but I like my films to be abstract enough to show intent, but that the intent is subtle enough to allow the viewer's interpretational filters to go to work. 

soundtrack: "Demonica" by 00 Newchair

MIST - alternative film in alternative places

"The Beacon" double screen garden projection

"memories of the sea" viewed from behind the two screens

Lizzie Oxby "Extension 21" garden projection

"In Dreams" forest projection

Ripping down the projection screen

Satsangi "Iodine" projected directly onto the trees

Giovanni Bucci & Paola Rocchetti "Addictions" garden projection