Traumatised by the depressing regularity of his daily journeys, the man sits, waits, watches, dreams and reflects on time itself.

On this night-time underground, overground, train journey we travel in a time-altered, mirrored world which turns reality on it’s head and motivates us to view it in a completely different way.

The displacement of time and place mirrors the man who sits. He is used to the regularity of his journeys, but is deeply disturbed by them and is desperate to be free from his powerfully overbearing thoughts.

METROSCOPIC not only reconstructs our perspective but also alludes to the possibility of a multi-dimensional universe and depends on symmetry to produce a seemingly impossible series of moving images.


Visionaria, Siena italy
British Shorts Film Festival, Berlin
CineRail Festival, Paris
Sensoria, Sheffield
Tenderpixel Gallery, as part of Rushes Soho Shorts London
Darklight Festival, Dublin
Minghella Film Festival



A series of eccentric, deceptive and almost surreal journeys up and down the hills of San Francisco and over the Golden Gate.

On these exotic voyages we travel in an abstract and illusory mirrored world which turns reality, quite literally, on it’s head, and motivates us to view it in a completely different way.

We journey up Fillmore, but after turning into California, this bizarre world grinds to a halt and the whole process is reversed at great speed. And it is after this point, during the rewind, that second-long stills are imposed upon the viewer.

A microsecond of suspended time, a frozen frame interrupting the furious flow of audio and visual.

These fleeting images are there to encourage the viewer to reflect on the actual passage of time and the world we live in - to enrich a sense of time and place and to enhance passing moments.

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