Stills from "in dreams"

Film stills from "in dreams" an experimental short by Paul Windridge with soundtrack "walkabout" by 00 Newchair

 In dreams she will always find a way through.

memories of the sea

memories of the sea - short film by Paul Windridge also premiered at Visioneca - soundtrack "seaquencher" by 00 Newchair

The first few years of my life were spent in a place that seemed to be almost a million miles from the sea.

But once my grandparents moved to a small southern coastal town, my summer holidays became very different as they were spent almost exclusively with them.

This short film includes some fleeting visions from my childhood recollections.

Memories of the mesmerising, playful, calm, but sometimes turbulent, terrifying and all powerful sea.

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The Sirens Dance

The Sirens Dance - short film by Paul Windridge premiered at Visioneca - soundtrack "we are running" by 00 Newchair

Visions of a drowning woman

In mythology creatures from the deep were often the most powerful, and the sirens especially symbolic of the sea's dichotomy.

Water is both the giver of life and the destroyer, and as companions to Persephone, the sirens were the epitome of this strength with their mesmeric, enchanting and bewitching ways in luring seafarers to the depths.

 The siren dances for the drowning woman, but the woman survived.

Stills from "escape towards a better life"

escape (towards a better life) - short film by Paul Windridge and featured in the latest edition of New York based Untitled Magazine "The Cinema Issue"

Original soundtrack "last of the line" soundtrack for The Untitled Magazine "Wait a minute" 00 Newchair

We remembered tomorrow and were glad to have left when we did.

"Escape" is a semi serious look into the future with a retro feel harking back to 1960's sci-fi.

A comment on the possible extreme effects of global warming and flooded cities way into the future past.

"It's like you found a futuristically vintage dream recorder and pressed record." Steve Buick