Blue Heavens

A collaboration between myself, Keri Highland and Shaun Winslow

Filmed at the Devil's Chimney and Steephill Cove on the Isle of Wight

Keri with Roca the orphaned fox

The song was recorded spontaneously in one session in Southampton. 

Shaun Winslow composed the instrumental and Keri Highland the vocals.

Walking on Water

Parting waters

Riding time

Navigating the edge of an enduring time dark mystery

Titan's sons and Neptune's daughters wander through an ancient myth

six windows

Challenging borders between one dimension and another.

Six windows drags you into it’s dark and mysterious ambience

Whilst the daydreaming narrative teases the imagination

film and music by Paul Windridge

words by Geoff Francis

Outdoor film projection at Seahorses - Freshwater IOW

The Edge of the Sea

Geoff Hoskinson’s video for Sebadoah’s “State of Mine”

Jo Apps "Fake Blood"

Mira Ruido’s video for Air Review

Pomp and Clout's video for The Susan

Without You

MIST - Moving Image, Sound & Things

Photos from a couple of recent MIST events

Outside the Quay Arts Kashmir Cafe tent at the Isle of Wight Festival

Inside the tent

Moon, Music, Movies and Moths at Brown's, Sandown, Isle of Wight

six windows

Film and music by Paul Windridge
Words by Geoff Francis

What we all have been doing is sharing time before death.
If you can’t abandon yourself how will you face your god?

Watching sea. Waiting in the sun. Giant sky. Heath and Heather stretch forever. 
All the ifs and whys of life exhaust my imagination so that all I seek is sleep

Plain song with an easy rhythm. Teases a time tired and restless body to the edge
of' dreams to meet the ghosts of things that never were

How often is it said 'don't want to be here' wherever that is

Running away to find some comfort from a life which has so long been 
constrained and contained by the inadequacies of others wants and needs

To loose the fear which holds life close and Instead release it into the 
oblivion of being

So stand in slender hope that somehow lives will collide again trusting 
in the haphazard play of the god of Serendipity