I Turned Around and Walked Away

A moment in a dream in which we become trapped.

An escape. A view of what might be possible in another universe.

Exhibited in The Untitled Magazine - view in Voyeur issue

The Untitled Magazine Opening Art - Basel, Miami.
Launch Parties in New York and Paris.
The Big Screen Project Manhatten.

Stills from Satsangi's Down Down video

"Alt-rock sensation Satsangi may just be the epitome of a global music group. Hailing from different parts of the world like Kerala to the West Midlands, the band have now released the video for their new hit 'Down Down.'" MTV Desi

"Judging Satsangi’s potential by ‘Iodine’ alone, though, would be a misrepresentation of the band’s eclectic sound which could just as quickly swerve from a raucous strain (‘Down Down’) to a dulcet serenade (‘Babel’)."
Rolling Stone India

"The outfit’s tremendous scope is captured on its debut album, No Shoes in Satsang Hall, released last month in India on the Inreco label. Menon’s stylistically diverse and multi-textured vocals lay the foundation for Satsangi’s adventurous compositions." Rolling Stone India